The world’s most advanced and affordable two-way voice emergency alert device.


A customizable system with No Monthly Fees that works up to 600 feet from your home.

FreedomAlert is the world’s first affordable programmable two-way voice pendant communicator with no monthly fees. Personal security has never been so small or affordable. The FreedomAlert can be programmed to call family, friends, or neighbors, at anytime from anywhere in the home and into the surrounding yard. If the programmed contacts are unreachable – the system can default to call an emergency 911 operator.

The FreedomAlert has the ability to be programmed with up to four (4) contacts to call anytime. The system can be customized with the three position switch on the back of the base unit to select one of three modes. A power outlet and an active landline are all that is needed for the unit to operate. The medical pendant is powered by a lithium-ion battery that lasts up to 6 months on a single charge.

Emergency alert device for seniors, the disabled and people with special needs.

  • Connector.


    ► Works up to 600 feet from your home.
    ► Speaker located in the pendant, not in the base station.
    ► Program up to 4 personal contacts.

    ► Slide switch on unit allows to select 3 modes:
    ♦ Call up to 4 custom contacts.
    ♦ Call up to 4 custom contacts and then emergency 911.
    ♦ Call 911 directly.
    ►Smart Dialing: Call recipient is prompted to press ’5′ to continue emergency call. If the call hits voice mail and ’5′ is not pressed, the next programmed number will be dialed automatically.
    ►System and battery test functions.
    ►Easy setup and documentation.
    ►Combination of up to 4 pendants or emergency wall communicators programmed to one base station.
    ►Auto power-off of pendant after one minute of inactivity.
    ►24 hour emergency battery back-up.
    ►Extra telephone jack in base unit.
    ► Easy to move from one location to another.
    ►Water resistant pendant.
    ►30-day money back guarantee.
    ►One year (1) manufacturers warranty.

  • Connector.


    ►Compatible with standard tone land-line and most VoIP.
    ►Build with DECT communication technology.
    ►Operating Frequency: 1.9 GHz Spread Spectrum.
    ►Coverage: 600ft (183m) line of sight.
    ►Battery: lithium-ion rechargeable for pendant, AA NiMh rechargeable for base.
    ►FCC & DOC Canada certified.
    ►Factory is ISO-90001 approved.

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